Porcupines and Dogs Don’t Mix

    Porcupines and dogs don’t mix. Porcupines are very prevalent in central Texas and their numbers have been reported to be on the rise in the last decade. Their quills are their defense mechanism and they are designed to do a tremendous amount of damage very quickly. They have over 30,000 quills that detach […]

Flea Facts for Pet Owners

Fleas are a problem all year in Texas, however they flourish in the spring time with perfect temperatures and humidity levels.  Fleas thrive in temperatures between 65-80 Fahrenheit and 75-85% humidity.  This makes spring and fall ideal times for flea infestations on our pets in Texas.   The Flea Life Cycle: Fleas are tiny parasites […]

Keep your pet safe in the South Texas heat

by Robert B. Duncan, DVM Spring Branch Veterinary Hospital   Why are pets more at risk of heat stroke than people? Dogs and cats do not perspire the way people do.   They primarily cool through panting to release heat.  They also have a minimal amount of perspiration through their foot pads.  These methods of cooling […]