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"Dr. Hughes and her staff were extremely compassionate with my loved one, Phoebe. It had been over 8 years that Phoebe had been inside of a vet clinic due to her high anxiety that turns into seizures. Staff escorted me in and immediately put us in a room to alleviate any anxiety. We were quickly seen by the vet tech and her assistant and were treated with the highest level of customer service one can receive. Phoebe stayed very calm and relaxed and was shown lots of love by Dr. Hughes and her staff. Never once did she show high anxiety or have any seizures. This was a true miracle as far as I m concerned. I can t thank Spring Branch Veterinary Hospital enough for their love and support to my Phoebe. I highly recommend this vet hospital to anyone who seeks out the best care for their furry friends."
-Corina Bravi, September, 2017
"I would recommend Spring Branch to anyone with a pet in the San Antonio area. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. My dog normally gets very scared at the vet but Dr. Baas did everything she could to keep him calm and happy throughout his visit."
-Sean McGowan, September, 2017
"I have nothing but the highest praise for myself and my dogs recent visit to the Spring Branch Veterinary Hospital. As a newer pet owner, I was met with both kindness and professionalism, as well as guidance and the knowledge that I needed. Will gladly recommend their service to anyone!"
-Brendan Hess, August, 2017
"This was the best experience Ive ever had at a veterinarian. Everyone cares and it shows. My dog and I are new to the area, and the vet s knowledge of local environmental issues and the treatment was just what we needed. The entire office is staffed with top shelf professionals."
-Lynn Parsons June, 2017
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Pet Health Articles

Arthritis in Pets
Aug. 31st - by Megan Hughes DVM, Disease Prevention, Health & Wellness, Pet Tips

Did you know that 20% of middle aged pets and 90% of geriatric pets suffer from arthritis?  Arthritis causes pain and limited mobility in pets.  It is important to recognize the signs of arthritis in pets as well as understand prevention and management.   What is Arthritis? Arthritis, also referred to as osteoarthritis or degenerative […]

5 Ways to Prevent Tick Borne Disease in Pets
Jul. 11th - by Megan Hughes DVM, Disease Prevention, Health & Wellness, Parasites, Pet Tips

Ticks are an unsightly nuisance to pets, that are also capable of transmitting some deadly diseases to both pets and people.  Ticks are arachnids, similar to spiders and mites.  Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of a host.  Ticks that embed in a pet’s skin can transmit a variety of serious and even life threatening […]

Flea Facts for Pet Owners
Apr. 9th - by Megan Hughes DVM, Disease Prevention, Health & Wellness, Parasites, Pet Tips, Uncategorized

Fleas are a problem all year in Texas, however they flourish in the spring time with perfect temperatures and humidity levels.  Fleas thrive in temperatures between 65-80 Fahrenheit and 75-85% humidity.  This makes spring and fall ideal times for flea infestations on our pets in Texas.   The Flea Life Cycle: Fleas are tiny parasites […]

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