Pet Wellness

There are two important reasons why your pet needs a wellness exam at least once every year:

1. Remember- your pet ages much faster than you do. Taking your dog to the vet every 2 years is like you going to your doctor every 14 years!

2. Animals are by nature very stoic and uncomplaining. They will hide their disease and pain as part of their survival instinct. This means that your pet can be sick for some time before you even become aware of it.



What is a wellness exam?

A wellness exam is a thorough physical that allows us to find and treat an illness or disease BEFORE it becomes serious. Often diseases that are caught early are much easier to treat or manage before the symptoms become obvious or noticeable. Many of the diseases that once dramatically threatened or shortened your pet’s life can now be treated or managed effectively if detected early. An important part of your pet’s wellness exam is laboratory testing. Animals can’t tell us where it hurts! Some early diseases can only be detected with laboratory testing. Laboratory testing including bloodwork, intestinal parasite testing, and urine testing, play key roles in disease detection. We believe in the importance of educating pet parents on how to keep pets healthy and happy.


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