Why are vaccinations important for my pet?

Spring Branch Vet - VaccinesAn appropriate vaccination strategy is part of every pet’s wellness plan. Vaccinations are important because they help prevent viral and bacterial infectious diseases in pets. Our vaccination strategies are based on guidelines released by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) and the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners). Our goal in using these guidelines is to appropriately protect pets based on lifestyle and avoid unnecessary vaccinations.  In addition, we use non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats whenever possible to reduce vaccine related complications.

What are core and non-core vaccinations?

There are some vaccinations which all pets need regardless of lifestyle called “core vaccinations”. Other vaccinations, “non-core vaccinations”, need to be considered based on the pet’s lifestyle and risk factors. Core vaccinations for dogs include rabies and DA2PP. Core vaccinations for cats include rabies and FVRCP. Additionally, the feline leukemia vaccine is considered a core vaccination for cats up until one year of age.

When should my new pet be vaccinated?

A healthy pet starts with puppy and kitten health. In order to keep our pets healthy at their most vulnerable stage of life, it is important to bring them in early. Puppies and kittens need their first set of vaccinations by 6-8 weeks of age. In fact, it is best to bring puppies and kittens in as soon as you have them in order to make sure they are healthy and parasite free. Plus, we just love to see those cute things early so we can get to know them and give them a positive experience at our hospital! If you have a new adult pet, it is also best to bring them as soon as possible to make sure they are healthy and to discuss an appropriate wellness plan.

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