The Mental Health Crisis in Veterinary Medicine

We typically keep all of our social media posts happy and light hearted, however today we are making an exception. This has been a rough week for the veterinary medicine community. While this does not directly involve Spring Branch Vet, the community has lost 3 veterinarians to suicide this week alone. If this is a […]

Pet Dental Health Month

During the month of February Spring Branch Veterinary Hospital is offering: -FREE dental exams with a veterinary technician -10% OFF DENTAL CLEANINGS -FREE dental toothbrush kits while supplies last     Can you imagine what your mouth would feel like if you stopped brushing your teeth? Good oral health is very important to your health, […]

Recognize Signs of Diabetes in Pets

It is important to recognize the signs of diabetes in pets before the disease progresses.  Without proper treatment pets with diabetes become very sick.  November is National Pet Diabetes Month so it’s appropriate to help pet parents understand this disease better.   What is Diabetes? Diabetes mellitus  is a condition that occurs when the body […]

How to Trim Your Pet’s Toenails

  The Importance of Regular Pet Toenail Trimming It is important to keep your pet’s toenails short to avoid offsetting their natural posture and gait. Long toenails will affect their balance and their movement which can even lead to increased joint disease. Overgrown toenails can more easily get broken or catch on something. Ingrown toenails […]

Pets Get Allergies Too!

Pet Allergies Yes, dogs and cats can have allergies just like humans do! In fact, allergic skin disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed skin problems in dogs! It is especially common in Texas. Pets can be allergic to environmental allergens including: pollen, weeds, trees, grasses, plants, animal dander, dust mites, and many other […]

What To Do If Your Pet Is Poisoned

Pet Poisoning Unfortunately many pets experience poisoning or toxicity every year. Most cases are accidental because dogs will put almost anything in their mouth. Many household substances, pesticides, medications, foods and plants are toxic to pets. Toxins can affect many body systems including gastrointestinal damage, internal bleeding, liver damage, kidney damage, neurologic damage, and even […]

Cat Behavior Problems?

Behavior problems in cats are one of the most common concerns for owners. Ongoing behavior problems are one of the leading reasons why cats are given away, taken to a shelter, or left outside. Here are a few common problems and a few suggestions to help: Not using the litter box House soiling is the […]

Should I have my cat or dog spayed or neutered?

Should I have my cat or dog spayed or neutered? Are you wondering whether you should neuter or spay your pet? Here are a few of the many reasons why getting your pets spayed and neutered is better for your pet as well as for the general pet population: Preventing pet overpopulation and unwanted pregnancies: […]