5 Ways to Prevent Tick Borne Disease in Pets

Ticks are an unsightly nuisance to pets, that are also capable of transmitting some deadly diseases to both pets and people.  Ticks are arachnids, similar to spiders and mites.  Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of a host.  Ticks that embed in a pet’s skin can transmit a variety of serious and even life threatening […]

Flea Facts for Pet Owners

Fleas are a problem all year in Texas, however they flourish in the spring time with perfect temperatures and humidity levels.  Fleas thrive in temperatures between 65-80 Fahrenheit and 75-85% humidity.  This makes spring and fall ideal times for flea infestations on our pets in Texas.   The Flea Life Cycle: Fleas are tiny parasites […]

Facts about fleas

by Robert B. Duncan, DVM Spring Branch Veterinary Hospital   How do pets get fleas? Cats and dogs are two of the preferred hosts for fleas. The cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) is by far the most common flea found on cats and dogs. When a flea finds an unprotected dog or cat, it will bite […]